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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  August 11, 2010 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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democratic congressman about to be taken to the wood she had? check out this new ad -- wood shed? check out this new ad from joe donnelly democrat in indiana running from his party like the playing. >> i to the border and saw for myself how bad the situation is. that's why i voted to hire 5300 more agents many penalize any business that hires illegals. deport i will leads who commit felonies and i eliminate amnesty because no one should be rewarded for breaking the law. that may not be what the washington crowd wants. i don't work for them. i work for. i'm joe donnelly i approve this ad we need to secure our borders once and for all a matter of national security and enforcing our law us. >> greta: ouch he even showed a picture of nancy pelosi and president obama. those two will not be crazy. and he calls them the washington crowd. what is he nuts? >> he's in a tough race he has a strong republican opponent
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terrific on the campaign trail. a mom, who has given him fits. in a district that has swayed back and forth between the two parties. he's in trouble. >> greta: he's trying to say that i'm moderate democrat i'm a blue dog democrat? >> i think -- nobody knows who john boehner is. people know who nancy pelosi and barack obama are. by putting that photograph up at the end notice the camera lingers on obama and pelosi to say i'm not with them. he has a "d" behind his name. people are not dumb. he has to account for the manifold sins of the democrats in congress. >> greta: he voted for the stimulus bill, voted for the national health care. he's in a nonborder state. >> he voted for cap and trade and the president's budget solution. he's got a bunch of bad votes.
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>> greta: he's not the washington crowd. i took that as insulting. whether you agree with the president or the speaker that was -- >> a lot of democrats are insulting the president recently. senator bennet i'm not sure i want him back in the general election. bill white, i was in the oil and gas business we he was just a community organizer. he's the democrat candidate for texas. if politics if you want to distance yourself you don't disrespect the person if they are in your own party. you end up alienating a part of your own base. this is -- >> greta: he said he went to the border. i thought was an under handed way the president won't do that. >> overkill. get going to have a hard time getting much for his district if he is reelected.
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>> if he gave them a heads up and said i need do this maybe they would have a different attitude. >> greta: washington crowd? >> i was sprung on them. i bet there are unhappy people around the speaker, house of representatives, very unhappy people inside the white house political operation. i don't think we are going to see michelle obama campaigning for joe donnelly. >> greta: you brought a board. i said why? you said in case i ask the right question. what's with the bore. >> if we talk about colorado and georgia. >> greta: all right colorado. >> first of all it was an interesting race many first of all the morning after a conversation all this is a huge win for bennet and shows the strength of the outsider no one shows the strength of spending six million dollars to your opponent's million dollars. there's something troubling in last night's news. both parties had a contested primary for the united states senate and the republicans had
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a contested primary for governor that was a disaster. this is a competitive tate that barack obama won. 407,000 people voted in the republican primary for the united states senate. 339,000 voted in the democratic primary. the loser on the republican side got more votes than the winner on the democratic side. if i were michael bennet i would be concerned about that. >> greta: is that why he threw the president under the bus and said he wasn't sure he would campaign for him or not? >> that's par of it. that was a dumb thing. he did a smart thing, which was he immediately said andrew romanoff who he defeated former speaker of the house said this is not the end of his political career and look forward to working with him in the future. that was a very way to heal it. he turned around in a ham-handed way gave him the back of the hand to the guy who gave him the mullah. >> greta: -- moolah.
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>> greta: i mentioned how disinterested president clinton sounded. he's is up a great campaigner, like he didn't even care. >> i wouldn't read too much. have you ever tried do a robo call? it is hard to get excitement in your voice. you are trying to picture one person you are talking to. you are talking to the telephone after dialing up an 800 number and hit the right number of buttons and reading a script. >> greta: other buzzword, georgia. here comes the board again. >> first of all this goes back this is a runoff for governor on the republican side. what is really amazing to me is, this is a state until recently has been democrat in fact, the democrat governor defeated eight years ago running for reelection when he came into office democrats had all but one of the statewide constitution offices a democrat state senate, democrat house. 676,000 voted in the republican primary a few weeks
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ago to only 394,000 democrats. in runoffs the vote total drops off dramatically. particularly when you have in the case of georgia bigger drop off when you multiple candidates. people who voted for one of the many losing candidates tend not to come back. the republican turn out last night was 578,000, down 98,000 from several week ago. these are big numbers. there are 100,000, 109,000 or 107,000 i believe democrats who turned out to vote in the runoffs for lesser offices. this is in a big state where going to matter this is a huge intensity gap to have this many voting in a republican primary. >> greta: tea party movement, read anything into last night's results? whether it is getting more force, less force? >> i don't. there's been a lot because ken buck was identified with the
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tea party movement. so was jane norton, the losing candidate who had some strength in that community. i read this more as again campaigns matter. jane norton ran, a wonderful person, ran a dreadful campaign particularly early on. she had momentum at the end. buck caught the energy in the lightning in the bottle in his campaign appearance. similarly, bennet ran a disciplined methodical, well financed cam -- campaign against the insurgent who didn't have money or the mojo to get there. >> greta: linda mcmahon fascinating race against blumenthal. >> talk about the consummate insider state attorney general for many years, politico state legislator. the who has turned a sort of karnac wrestning into a billion dollar industry.
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>> greta: there was a comment made by senate majority leader harry reid about hispanics and republicans causing fuss. >> he said -- i don't understand how any hispanic can be a republican, do i need to say more? talk about a thoughtless comment. particularly, remember this is nevada where the republican nominee for governor is former federal judge brian sandoval, who is running well ahead in the polls of rory reid the son of harry reid. talk about thoughtless. this sounded like a dismissive comment that was referring to, you know, brian sandoval, the man with a distinguished service as attorney general and judge who was supported for the federal judgeship by none other than harry reid. seems like senator reid was giving the back of his hand to him. stupid comment. >> greta: thoughtless. he a do over and was not doing that. he is standing by this.
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-- by that >> he tends to say things in public and take them back in private. but he won't take them back in public. he would call president bush a loser and then call the white house and say i didn't mean to say it, they put it in my speech, i didn't see the speech before i read it. he wouldn't apologize for that kind of thing in public. >> greta: amazing how nasty people are. people say horrible things about each other and move on like it never happened. i might be inclined to hold a grudge. >> you can't. the consummate example is the relationship between president bush 41 and his successor bill clinton which is, i thought healthy for the country that these two men, after the bitter battle ofzc@÷ 1992p-@5 d patch up:rgj and become authenc friends. han i am.;7?cg t[,o!ecame friends.nthose two actually a creditqj
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next. plus we just talked about senator harry reid's comments. marco rubio is blasting him for it. marco rubio is here to go on the record. >> plus, you won't believe what we our hands on. rush limbaugh's wedding pictures. in is a must-see. i'm gonna take allison jenkins to the senior prom
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>> greta: we're back with karl rove. charlie rangel had a big fundraiser tonight in
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new york. yesterday went to the house floor and addressed everyone. what do you think of charlie? >> first of all he's a remarkable human being who got himself twisted in a very bad place that speech yesterday was -- i'm still trying to figure it outboarder line weird. on the one hand he was saying you per -- you better -- i didn't do anything wrong i'm going to do this publicly, i'm not going. those of new the democratic party want me to go quietly i'm not going quietly. my sense was this was about his primary. has a primary in august. the irony the son of the man whom he to win the seat originally adam clayton powell iv running against him. adam clayton powell, jr. was beaten by rangel under ethics questions. he engaged in behavior that in the primary rangle criticized
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him for. decades later he's being criticized this list of 13, any one might be one thing. taken as a package it is a compelling case this man sort of took it for granted that the rules didn't apply to. get the president has made some sort of i thought code that asked charlie rangel to step aside. why would the president have done that? >> i think the president doesn't want september occupied with high profile ethics trials. this and maxine waters are not going to look good. you take the indictment of the former murtha fundraiser and you've got the potential in september of democrats already being bad on the economy. having difficulties on spending. under fire on obamacare. presidential leadership being brought into question. congress tomorrow will be revealed in a poll to have the lowest rating it has ever had in the history of that poll.
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then, top it off high profile ethics trials happening in september. couldn't be worse for the department creates. >> greta: i'm surprised they didn't think this through. they control the house is that why they didn't fast track a bit so they would have this buried in the midst of the discuss about health care or something. they ed -- managed to line it up between labor day and election day. >> i'm not certain it is the responsibility of the house leadership for that this is a committee that has an equal number of republicans and democrats. a lot of different rules that bind the speed and bind its progress. then of course it is clear they tried to cut a deal with rangel they would prefer to pro offer the charges and have him respond by negotiating in essence a some way to accept responsibility for it. clearly, he didn't do it. leading the republicans -- ranking republican from austin, texas former federal prosecutor, very low key, i thought i was a very
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significant thing during the public hearing he said in essence the time for deals has passed. what i read from that was he, we gave you every opportunity to settle this in a dignified manner and walk away with your dignity intact. you have refused and so we are going to got, we've all agreed republicans and democrats, we are going to the trial phase and not cutting some special deal. >> greta: it is going to be ugly. even the insiders are running as outsiders. how come people who work here for years are still outsiders? >> every election gets consumed by a theme, the theme this year is insider versus outsider. in 2006 the issue was culture of corruption was the democrat label. even republicans were running against the corruption of their colleagues. when you do that, when you get dominated by a media-driven overall theme, insider versus outsider, people tend to go
10:17 pm
overboard. it is like joe donnelly i'm the ultimate outsider obama and pelosi for god's sake even though i voter for -- i voted for speaker and campaigned for him for president. that's when people get nervous. >> greta: fascinating. i think every election season is pore fascinating than the last. >> this one does have a rich cast of characters running for house and senate and governorships. we got 37 contests some are going to be very interesting to watch. odd victories in odd places. the republican candidate for maine grew up homeless. he literally his father beat him he grew up homeless. yet now runs one of the large commercial enterprises in maine. has never run for office before, never held office excuse me he has held local office never run for partisan office in his hometown of waterville he has been involved in city government.
10:18 pm
>> greta: a lot between now and election day. karl, thank you >> you bet. >> greta: next, another democrat takes a swipe at the president. this time it isn't indiana. what democrat? what state? what is the complaint about the president? find out next. attorney general mccollum is stepping up the immigration issue in florida. also an ad calling him a liar on illegal immigration. what is up? we'll ask him he's here minutes from now. >> plus, the pictures you have been dying to see, rush limbaugh at his wedding with his wife, elton john and more, coming up. ♪
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>> greta: why does it feel like pulling teeth to get the federal government to secure the border? tomorrow the is expected to prove 600 million dollars border security and an 24 national guard troops are heading to arizona. is it still not enough and too late? joining us arizona congresswoman gifford. 600 million dollars will that do the trick? is that going to secure your border at least part of it? >> well, in arizona we are so used to not having the resources that we need the 600 million will absolutely be
10:22 pm
helpful. we have a situation as you have so adequately covered, rob krentz murdered march 27th, it took two months for the president to announce deployment of national guard and we had the ping-ponging between the house and senate of the security to accompany the guard. we are waiting for the senate to take action, the third time. assuming that tomorrow, which we hope they do we have a guard that is not deploying quickly enough here we are five months after the krentz murder we are waiting to get the guard on the border. >> greta: i say pulling teeth you are fortunate in the sense the senate is going to likely vote on this tomorrow. i know called for the senate to come back and vote on it, because the house was called back in a recess to vote on things. i know you have been pushing and shoving. why does it take so much? why is it like pulling teeth? i don't know anyone who thinks we should not secure the border.
10:23 pm
>> you her the discussion on the floor yesterday. my counterparts on the other side of the aisle kept repeating why are we here? i said we are here because we were sent here by our constituents to be their voices. my district represents the tucson sector last year we had over 240,000 illegal immigrants over 660 everyday, appehended in the tucson sector. over a million.-- 1.2 pounds of drugs. i think there's a lot of ping-ponging, political game manship. 23,000 mexicans brutally murdered. we need to get the job done. >> greta: you talked about the -- last night we had john morton on talking about numbers and the amount of people they've deported 10% higher the first 10 months of fiscal year 2010. he says he's trying to deport
10:24 pm
as many illegal here as he can. his job is dependent upon him getting the funding from congress because he's a law enforcement officer. the 12 million here, so he's got a funding issue it is congress who could do the funding and he needs direction in terms of a national immigration policy he's getting neither from congress, so his hands are tied. >> again the house of representatives has done a fantastic job. >> greta: how? >> well, first on july 1st, we passed the first again july 28th. again on august 10th. the senate keeps kicking it back us to. >> greta: i've been covering these shows for several years. it is not like oh great you have come to the party in july house of representatives very bad senate because you haven't done it yet. both houses have been sitting on their hands fighting.
10:25 pm
in fact if you really want to push it back to 1986 is where the discussion got started in earnest. i don't think the house could brag about anything. >> you are absolutely right. i think about in 2005 over 500,000 illegal immigrants apprehended in the tucson sector. a couple years before that over 700,000. this problem as been going on for a long period of time. the good news we called for the national guard. the national guard is being deployed. again, not fast enough. administration needs to expedite them on the border. those ranchers want to look out and feel they are protected. >> greta: you mentioned the administration. you take a swipe at your own party. you have the white house, you have the house of representatives and you have the senate. what's taking so long? >> as you know each body is very independent. frankly, the administration didn't elect me my constituents elected me.
10:26 pm
this area has been ignored for so long that here we are, fighting to get the resources that we need. again, i believe tragically, because of rob krentz's murder we are able to focus what is happening in southern arizona to the whole country many we have an opportunity, the senate needs to get the job done. hopefully, they will do it tomorrow. >> greta: i know you will be all over raising hell if they don't. i know you have been pushing for this vote. congresswoman, thank you. >> thank you for having mel. >> greta: next, harry reid takes a shot at hispanic republicans. marco rubio is the son of cuban immigrants and is republican. what does he think about what senator reid said? he is here. >> do you want to see rush limbaugh's wedding pictures? we have them, we'll show you. that's coming up. st stay off the freewaysall right? i don't want you going out onhose yet. and leave your phone in ur purse, i don't want you texting. >> daddy... ok!
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>> greta: senate majority leader harry reid does it again.
10:30 pm
he's caught on tape making a racially charged statement during a campaign stop in nevada. >> i don't know how anyone of hispanic heritage could be a republican, okay. do i need to say more? >> greta: really? former florida speaker of the house marco rubio the son of cuban immigrants also a republican running for the senate in the state of florida. he joins us live. i have read that you have blasted senate majority leader for that statement. >> first of all let me say harry reid has a history of statements like this. he said outrageous things about president bush even barack obama before he was president. it has been well documented. i think this is part of a concerted effort. the democrat majority in washington has implemented an agenda outside of the mainstream of america has been a disaster for our country they can't win on issues. you are going to hear talk like this you heard it a few weeks ago calling tea party
10:31 pm
members racist and now this. let me explain why americans of hispanic descent would want to be republicans. number one economic empowerment to leave their children better off than themselves. the reason why my parents worked two jobs and sacrifice so i would have the opportunity to do things why they could not. it is possible because of god. because of their sacrifices and it was possible because of the american free enterprise system. the agenda that harry reid supports is trying to destroy and dismantle the american free enterprise system that's why hispanics should be republicans. i believe a growing number of hispanics will become republicans because the agenda reid supports kills hispanic dreams for their children. >> greta: to what extent if any do you think his statements are linked to the immigration discussion going on in this country? >> they can win an argue
10:32 pm
o. requesteds. their public policy is well outside of the mainstream of america. vast majority of americans are saying we want the united states to be the best place in the world to do business. the democratic agenda is anti-business. everything they propose from tax increases next year, value added taxes, allowing the epa to implement cap and trade. to the obamacare bill a job killer, card check. issue after issue proposing an anti-business job killing agenda. well outside the mainstream of what america wants. they've got to make this election about things like class warfare or talk about ethnicity and things of that nature. it is tragic and sad. but it is not going to work. >> greta: if you are elected to the united states senate from the state of florida, can you work with senator harry reid? >> i'll work with anybody that wants to protect america's exceptionalism. i'll work across the aisle with anyone interested in doing things like making sure america is the strongest country in the world the best
10:33 pm
place in the world to do business and our debt can be brought under control. >> greta: everyone who runs for office right now is saying i'm an outsider, i'm different, i'm interested in the united states in the american dream, i'm interested in jobs i know all those things and we all want those. how do you implement? how do you move the united states senate forward on these issues? >> i can't do it by myself. i'm hoping across america there are people running that believe in the same things and they'll be con s after the election cycle because it will be a successful platform to campaign on. we have to be held account able. republicans are just as guilty of this as democrats. republicans had majority and they didn't implement a balanced budget amendment like the spending constraints banning earmarks. that's why they lost the majority. i hope the republicans can retake the majority learn the lessons from their mistakes jn
10:34 pm
leave our children with a better country than one we found. >> greta: when you talk about earmarks you lose a lot of friends back home. if you take the hard-line. when you talk about balancing the budget that means your community, your jurisdiction doesn't get the money for the are looking for. it sounds so good. the problem is, it sounds great for the other guy. for the other state. how do you convince your constituents that those things, those tough decisions are good for them? >> we don't make them we are going bankrupt. if we don't we are going to look like greece. if we continue to spend more than we take in we are going to have a big ugly problem in the near future. we are spending more money than we take in as a government it is not wanting perhaps not having worthy causes to find money to spend on it is the fact we can't afford it if we continue we are going to leave our children a nation like everybody else no longer exceptional. people don't want that i think the time has come people are prepared to accept it
10:35 pm
difficult choices and important decisions that have to be made. if we make 'em, our children will have the chance to be freest and most prosperous americans ever. >> greta: if you elected the majority still democratic party you are one of the minority can you give in and negotiate? >> you always negotiate on ideas never principles. we'll work with anybody who wants to keep america exceptional we'll fight anyone who wants to redefine america and make it like everybody else. >> greta: good luck. your race is one that the country is watching. it is fascinating especially since governor crist is running as an independent. and a primary will determine your opponent come august 24th. good luck, sir. >> thank you. >> greta: here's a look at what is coming up off this show on the o'reilly factor. bill: more information on why health cost premiums are going through the roof and all-american workers are going to take it on the chin. why doesn't glenn beck cover
10:36 pm
culture war issues? we'll table to him tonight >> greta: we are live first lady the top of the hour. next attorney general mccollum. he has news about the illegal immigration dispute in florida. his opponent is calling him a liar about illegal immigration. he's next. come on, admit it, you are dying to see rush limbaugh's wedding pictures. you will, coming up. errible the? patient: and that's why yellow makes me sad. i think. sarge: that's interesting. you know what makes me sad? you do! maybe we should chug on over to mambie pambie land where maybe we can find some self-confidence for you. ya jackwagon! tissue? crybaby. geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more.
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>> greta: there's much more ahead but first to our new york newsroom. >> reporter: all eyes will be on wall street tomorrow after stocks plummet wednesday. the dow falling more than 260 points markets biggest loss in six weeks. all major indexes dropping 2% now showing losses for the year. investors seen as reacting to reports the u.s. trade deficit widened in june. a sign the nation's economy grew less than expected in the second quarter. threats of bad weather in the gulf shutting down efforts to finally seal that leaking well. forcasters saying a downgraded tropical storm could pass over the drill site work on the relief well expected to be delayed until early next week many mud and cement would be pumped in. temporary cap has been holding back the oil four a -- for a machine. now back to on the record. for all the headlines log on to
10:41 pm
>> greta: florida attorney general at war with the feds. now the battle on a new front he wants florida to pull an arizona of the florida attorney general mccollum running for governor of florida joins us live. good evening. >> good to be with you again, thank you. >> greta: you are interested in having a law like arizona. the law you want florida to enact guess further, gives more authority -- goes further, gives more authority for illegal immigration arrests and detention. tell me how it is different from arizona? >> first of all, we looked at what the judge wrote the other day and tweaked it so we think we comply as much as we can with the constitutional issues that were challenged in arizona. i've entered that case with michigan and other states to support the arizona law's constitutionality. specifically, i'll tell you what we did. today we proposed a law that when a police officer stops somebody, detains or arrests
10:42 pm
them for another crime they are required to check to see if they are illegal if there is reasonable suspicion such as a driver's license that doesn't look like it is good or some other reason to believe that. we also put in place several other things that are not in the arizona law. what you mentioned, judge now in florida will be able to take into question when they are setting bone the illegal status of somebody. and more likelihood that person might flee if the judge sees fit. enhanced punishments we are proposing that if you are committing a crime, a grand theft or big drug case and you are an illegal which we have plenty doing drug cases in our state today they are going to get extra punishment sentencing guidelines increased at the bottom and top end. and we give the attorney general power to say if there's a sanctuary city say you cannot have that situation in our state. arizona's law gave the right to sue the individuals citizens we thought that was excessive and not appropriate.
10:43 pm
we changed that law. >> greta: setting bone, you can always take into consideration setting bone the likelihood someone is going to flee, doesn't have ties to the community. somebody comes in as an illegal immigrant, a judge can always take that into that is no change to the law, is it? >> unfortunately, in florida we've had situations where the courts and appellate cores have said the judge cannot do it without the explicit authority we are putting in this law it has been a problem. >> greta: even on flight? are you telling me in florida, a judge in setting a bond is not to consider all factors which would indicate a person's likely to flee and one is the lackof or ties to a community? >> i'm saying we need to clarify it there have been situations where they haven't done it. legislators suggested this separately. we chose to incorporate it. my state ride prosecutor who helped write this law, is very,
10:44 pm
very -- thinks it is a very important provision. that and the enhanced penalties are different from arizona's law because we've added this in we think it is important. we have other things from arizona's law like e-verify we that i is good for employers to check. we've given safe harbor to check with the government to see if his new employee is an illegal person and has a right to be hired and they get an answer back yes and determine this person is an illegal the employer is protected because they checked. things like that we did change. >> greta: i was curious, one other quick issue of enhanced punishment. always enhanced punishment if you committed some other crime the fact you are in the country illegal is another crime am i wrong? >> exactly. it is 1.5 plus enhancement on the bottom and top end of our
10:45 pm
sentencing guidelines in florida you will get a higher sentence or potentially do as a result being an he will lie if you commit a crime. get -- being an illegal if you commit a crime. >> greta: your opponent said you are a liar. in the beginning you said you were opposed to the arizona law now because you are coming up on an important primary you are for the law and pushing the law. >> for the first week or so arizona had a law i didn't agree with. because i felt there was a possibility of racial profiling. they went back in and changed that law to where you have stop, detain, arrest. which is what we have in this proposal we've made in florida. i supported the arizona immigration law since that first week and intervened in the court case filed a brief with michigan several weeks ago to protection the constitutional rights of states like florida and michigan and arizona in the assault being done on this by president obama which i think is wrong. i think the judge's ruling in the case involving foreign
10:46 pm
affairs powers is way out of line. i'm sure if we passed this law in florida and i signed it into law which i hope to have the opportunity to do it will be challenged. i believe we are going to win. i don't think the president or the federal government has a right to say just because of foreign affairs powers that our domestic enforcement is restricted only to the federal government. we have the right to do this. in terms of state rights, state police powers. that are inherent in the constitution since just like with the obamacare issue, there were no provisions made by the founding fathers that gave those rights to the federal government. the general police powers as opposed to the specifics of doing immigration law, passing the law it is. -- itself. >> greta: maybe congress will come up with solutions to all these problems before a statute in florida has to be signed or not but don't hold your breath waiting that congress is going to do anything on this, they haven't yet. any way we'll be watching to
10:47 pm
see whether the statute is passed, signed into law and what happens when it is challenged because i assume it will be. thank you. >> thank you. >> greta: next, what you have been waiting for all hour, rush limbaugh's wedding pictures. wait until you see them. >> is white house press secretary robert gibbs about to resign? why do we ask? gibbs in his own words, coming upñ. is more important thanver. at, you can find th, whether you're trying to sell of hopg to buy. nobody sells more real estate than re/x. visit today.
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. get grow mere is the best of the rest. -- >> greta: here is the best of the rest. rush limbaugh posts the one thing you wanted for weeks. >> he went live 10:30, 11:00 this morning. it is already the number five most trafficked site in all of the internet probably higher than that now since i've given this first shout out. the wedding pictures are there there's 20. i don't know, we might add more there aren't any of the guests. because we haven't sought permission from the guests. this was a private affair we decided to put these pictures up. originally we didn't intend to do any. there's been such a clamor the pictures are such works of art. after we saw them, catherine
10:52 pm
and i, we wanted some of these things to be seen. that's why we've created the facebook page for you to see the wedding pics. we might put more up in the course of time, i don't know if we will or not. there's some of elton john in the performance after the reception, after the wedding, some of the ceremony. there's a picture of me, people are always want to know what looks like. these are the first, 7,000 of these pictures from both nights of the weekend of revelry. what -- the first picture of catherine and me. all these pictures are works of art. that picture of me and catherine is sitting. we are watching, this is before -- i think it is during the elton john concert or right before it, we are sitting in the ballroom.
10:53 pm
where that took place. at the breakers is where it was. >> greta: no secret white house press secretary gibbs is under fire for slamming the president's base calling some of them the professional left. today at the press briefing he was pushed about his future at the white house and he responded with humor. >> what do you think the consequences should be to the comments you made about the professional left? >> the consequences? do you have anything in mind? >> resignation? >> i don't plan on leaving, so. there's no truth to the rumor that i've added an inflatable exit to my office, so. >> greta: there you have it the best of the rest. still ahead, is senator mccain ready to make a cameo on jersey shore. he's talking about snooki
10:54 pm
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crestor isn't for everyone, like people with liver disease or women who are nursing, pregnant, or may become pregnant. simple blood tests will check for liver problems. you should tell your doctor about other medicines you are taking, or if you have muscle pain or weakness. that could be a sign of serious side effects. while you've been building your life, plaque may have been building in your arteries. ask your doctor if crestor can help and go to to get a free trial offer. if you can't afford your medication, astrazeneca may be able to help. well, 11:00 is almost here, flash those studio lights, it's time, because it's last call. senator john mccain can't stop talking about snooky and the jersey shore are here is senator mccain on the tim ask willy show. >> is snooky too good looking to go to jail? >> no. wow. >> racist given the whole justice system.
10:58 pm
>> yeah. yeah. >> got to admit. >> and i am leaning towards snooky being too good looking. >> i'm just tickled you know who snooky is. our president tried to dodge that question. asked who is snooky. >> i get, right quick story. snooky, and twittered that for that, she said she was mad because they raised taxes on tanning places. she was mad and said john mccain would never raise taxes because he's so pale. >> so i tweeted back, i said you're right. i would never raise taxes on tanning salons. and... sure to be wearing sun screen. that is my brief moment of fame. and now, i'm sorried what is going on with her. this is is too too good looking to go to jail.
10:59 pm
and and jail? yes or no for snooky. >> we'll have to look for him on jersey shore soon. >> how about that? >> have to get yourself painted orange. and she can't wear one of the suits. >> can you -- do you have influence in whether or not she goes to jail? if you made calls? amnesty is something. a pardon, i'm sure. >> well, now, you know what she said about president obama and raising taxes is, watch out, snooky, you're going have to try another method. >> senator mccain on jersey shore? we'd pay to see that. thanks for joining us tonight. now there is a brand new go look at new i just posted a poll on senator hairy reid. see you and vote, bill o'reilly is next. o'reilly factor. 11:00 ph eastern, good night from washington.


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